“Liz Ellen is probably the best sports lawyer in the country”


“...Stefania Genesis... is also top class in terms of advice and tactical solutions”


“Liz has a great reputation; steely and determined; one of the toughest negotiators one will ever meet”

Chambers & Partners

"The "excellent" Stefania Genesis acts in a range of complex disputes involving clubs, athletes and governing bodies."

Chambers & Partners
"These women are good as gold. Fun to work with, bright, professional…you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of them!”
Barry Hearn, Matchroom Sport Limited

"They are an extension of our team - like in-house counsel - we call them with any issue, any time, and know they will give us excellent advice."

Dong Ren, CEO, Birmingham City FC

"Liz is a very professional lawyer and a 100% trusted partner. She was the first to bring active Premier League players to China."

Gao Xiang, Agent

"We’ve worked with them for ten years - they’re super smart, easy to deal with, practical and connected."

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Boxing

"Special thanks for always being there for me no matter what time of day I need you. I appreciate you very much."

Wilfried Bony

"Liz and Stef are the ‘go to’ people for any sports related matter. I have been very lucky to rely upon their advice and expertise for my football agency and previously for a Premier League club."

Mags Byrne, CEO, First For Players

"Fantastic troubleshooters - whatever the problem they will get to grips with it and advise on how to deal with it in the most commercial way."

Matt Porter, Professional Darts Corporation

"We see Liz Ellen as the go to person for strategic and practical advice in the industry. She shares her professional relationships - most hide them to protect their own interests."

Lee Hemmings, Player LENS

"We would strongly recommend Stef to any Latin American player coming to England - not only does she speak the language but she understands the cultural nuances perfectly."

Mauricio Caballero, Latope